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You Should Know
1. We are not law enforcement. We have no more authority in the real world than does the private citizen. The training, testing, background checks and certification process we go through in order to obtain and maintain State certification is meant to set us apart as individuals who are committed to unbiased professionalism and integrity to the state and federal laws under which we operate.

2. We are not magicians. We gather details through available information. We can only obtain it where it’s available. It is through the knowledge we gain in our profession of how best to gather information in a diverse society that provides us with the skills to do our jobs.

3. Sometimes what we find is not what the client hopes to find. Our job is to seek out the facts that lead to the truth and provide the client with an accurate view of the situation - both good and bad - diligently, legally, expediently and as economically as possible. It is up to the client how the information is applied.

4. If surveillance is necessary, especially moving surveillance, it must be understood that this is a process of hit and miss. We can agree on a strategy that is designed to gain an intended result. But put into practice, we cannot guarantee that the subject will act as planned, or at all. Similarly, moving surveillance has inherent obstacles and unpredictable circumstances in everyday life that can hamper the outcome. All we can promise is that we will engage proven strategies and techniques that provide us with the best possible scenarios for results.