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The process of gathering pertinent and useful information is often quite complex. Our mission is to provide you with a single source to discover the facts you need to make an informed decision in an efficient and expedient manner.

At Coast Private Investigations, we offer the full range of investigative and analytical services to assist corporations, organizations, the legal community and individuals obtain critically accurate knowledge in order to assemble a clear picture on a path to resolve disputes. Our job is to help you reach a reliable level of understanding of a situation, or locate individuals and historical facts or through experience assist you in planning and preparation for future strategies.

For corporations, organizations and attorneys, we can assist in M&A fact-finding, due diligence investigations, employee background checks, fraud, theft and embezzlement investigations, digital forensics, insurance surveillance, executive security, pre-trial investigations, witness and informant locating and interviewing, skip tracing, risk assessment and, as a state licensed armed private investigation agency, executive security.

For individuals we can assist in pre-marital background checks, infidelity verification, accident fact-finding, theft and fraud investigation, contract dispute analysis, family dispute investigation, witness interviewing and will and testament party location and due diligence.

When the court of public opinion threatens corporate brand, identity, market value or public perception, CPI offers more than 35 years of experience in news media management for leading corporations around the world. CPI’s media relations and marketing communications expertise has successfully dealt with product, image and liability issues that had or were at risk of finding their way to the court of public scrutiny.

We don’t make judgments about what we find. It is our responsibility to provide you with all the information quickly and reliably so that you can make knowledgeable decisions based on a complete set of facts. Your trust is at the core of our business in that you rely on us to provide you with solid counsel in investigative procedure that will help you make informed decisions.

Thank you for considering Coast Private Investigations when you need to know the whole truth.

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